Server unusable

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  • It looks like the server I've rented isn't playable at all.
    I've been trying to bring life to a small community of players but I'm encountering too many server bugs to really be able to play on Nitrado servers.
    Everyday the server restarts and wipes parts of the spawned/build containers/base elements. It also messes up some characters to the point they have to be deleted and recreated to be playable. Server and database backups don't help and seem to mess up the server even more. I have been rebuilding over and over the same things 3 times in a raw, reinstalled the full server, started playing again on a wiped clean server and after restart everything disapeard again. It looks like your server and/or databases are not usable.

    The support didn't help me so far so I don't know what to do except leave Nitrado and ask for refund :cursing:.