Friends can't connect while I'm offline

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  • Hey so I've rented a server, it works great, but my friends can only connect while I'm connected to the game as well. When they try to connect while I'm at work they get a "lost connection to host" error. Are there any settings I need to change to make it so they can connect while I'm offline?

  • they may put the server IP (with query port at end) in the steam server list as a favorite, and you may check if your server is set to automatic restart if an update is qued...

    In Steam (top left) click on VIEW - SERVERS - than bottom down ADD SERVER ... add the server IP from the nitrado webinterface 12.345.678.910:XXXXX <- add here the query port

    if added, klick on refresh, server should show up with its name and is shown in ark in the favorites, but you can also start the game from that serverlist in steam by doubleclicking on the said server. Game will launch and attempt to join the said server.

    If the server is running without the current patch and your friends have it already (because steam downloads and installs updates automatically by default if the game is not running), they get usually this message.