Is there a Code of Ps4 to add eggs?

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  • The title is self-explanatory. I am been researching and seeing only two things. 1: that there are mods. However, this is a ps4 server so that would be pointless. 2: there is a way but in the ini coding. I seemingly can not find an outline for this, however. I wish to ask for any help in this. For I wish to add eggs of the rock drake, fire, ice, lightning and poison Wyverns, finally magmasuar eggs. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. We do use Spawn Beacon. I can put the wyverns in but I do not see the eggs. Which is why I am asking. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing or having a good day.

    Edit: I almost forgot this is on the map Crystal Isles.

  • By default nearly every DLC already has all those eggs.

    With Rag I had to use a mod sadly and I know that is not an option for you.

    The map may actually prevent it. I know the special CI wyverns Ive never seen eggs. But as for the rest you should. Try a destroywilddino. It may take a long time for them to spawn. I am not a coder for WC but I think those all share the same spawn as well which makes their rate lower to spawn.

    I know Beacons can add it and their workshop/discord provides that info.

    The name of the item is "PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Cherufe"

  • I just realized in Spawn Beacons the application I use, might have a way to add egg nest spawns. Since it is not a mod and in the game since we also have all the dlcs. This should work if I do it right. If I am right even the magmasuar eggs. To be honest I was confused about what you said at first. Now though this might lead me to what I desire for the map. Thank you for the help.