Mc eternal server randomly stopped letting people join

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  • Ive been running the server for about a month and havent had many issues just lag from time to time but now for 2 days straight regardless of restarts noone can join. the most recent log is left below. if anyone could help id love the assistance, I really have no idea what happened or even how to begin on fixing it

  • I also get this error in the logs when i first try to join the server on a fresh restart

    [User Authenticator #2/INFO] []: UUID of player HaloMyDudes is 6dba0d1b-814c-4a02-968f-32f1781961d4

  • further trouble shooting, the save works fine when i play it in single player, and if i change the server properties to Online-false it boots up and lets me join but i dont have any of my player data. again if anyone knows whats going on id love the help