Veichles sliding

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  • So, i'm new to the server managment and setting, but i've got the basics.

    I've set all the base config, and the mission pbo's , i've set in server the mods that i want to use, plus server keys.

    my problem is that when i load in a game, the mods are correctly shown ( not all of them but the majority) but if I create a simple quad with zeus, my quad won't move, it basically slide on place, and the speed in the corner shows always 0

    i've seen that it seems to be a problem with the ACE3 mod, , the mod thoug is brand new and with the compatibilities for the RHS mods.

    if I host a local game with those mods, everything works fine, on the server apparently it doesn't.

    Can someone please help me, i'm really lost and can't find anything on the topic.

    thank you

    p.s. Went right now for a little mor testing, and this bug works only whith veichles that have wheels,. tanks and jets works fine

  • @imRed

    You can read how to install mods on your Arma3 server in the following article.

    Generally, installing mods on a Nitrado server works the same as installing them on your local PC.