Ark Server Issue

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  • Hello I was wondering if someone could help me out with my servers settings, ive been trying for a while now and I cant get this set up properly no matter how hard i try to fix it, I wanted unlimited weight, 10 Health, 30 Stamina, 75 Oxygen, 20 Fortitude, 40 Crafting Speed

    And also I had an issue with the level cap for dinos and players I wanted the Players to be on level 260 and the dinos at 350 and it would not work as well as auto engram learning did not work if one of you would be so kind as to help me resolve this I would be very greatful.

  • As far as I know dinos can't stop on level 350, would need to be 330 or 360, since every difficulty offset is 30 in-game levels.

    Diff offset 1 is max dino level 30, diff 2 is max level 60, etc. Official servers have difficulty offset 5, which means max dino level is 150 (tek dinos have +20%, so max for those is 180), and for example on my server difficulty offset is 10, so max dino level is 300.

    Not sure I get what you mean with the numbers for each stat. You mean you wanted that much per level? So if you put one level in health, you get 10 health? And there wouldn't be such thing as unlimited stat. You have to define a number, and I see you're playing on Xbox, so no mods, you might want to make that high... Though you also have to rememebr that Ark is Ark and has limits.

    One limit I know of regarding stats is that above 1400 Crafting Skill (I think it was 1400, not sure), the crafted stuff won't be better, it will just be made faster. I don't know other limits, since I have the luxury of stacking mods, and never had to think about that.

    And I never tried meddling with player levels, so can't help here.

    The engram setting is buggy, but you can just increase engram points per level to get pretty much the same result.

  • Hello

    For auto unlocking engrams this is the code I use in my ini file. It will auto unlock the engrams for said level as you level up.


    Yeah, that one bugged out on me, so I stuck to the mod, but maybe it's not borky on Xbox. ^^

    Also @op, remember that if your character has too many engrams learned and wants to transfer to another server (if you're planning a cluster), you;ll get buffer overflow and will need to try to reconnect few times before it lets you, and that will be te case as long as you don't use Mindwipe.