[How-To] Install Simple Voice Chat

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  • Hello Forum,

    Since there have been a lot of requests lately regarding the configuration of Simple Voice Chat I have now looked at how it can be installed on a Nitrado MC server.

    It's very simple, you upload the mod jar file to the mod or plugin folder and restart the server first.

    After the server is online, the "voicechat-server.properties" should now be visited in the file browser. Following are these in different paths.

    • On Fabric - config/voicechat/voicechat-server.properties
    • On Forge - <Folder of your active world>/serverconfig/voicechat-server.toml
    • On Bukkit/Spigot/Paper - plugins/voicechat/voicechat-server.properties

    In the file itself, two points must now be adjusted.

    1. port=
    2. bind_address=

    For the port I advise you to change the last number to a "6", this should normally not be occupied.

    Then save the whole thing and restart the server.

    If you now connect to the server and press the "V" key, the voice chat GUI will open after successful configuration.

    I hope I could help you with this, if you have any questions, just ask them here.