Unable to cross ark, problem seems to be only mine.

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  • I am unable to cross ark from my 3 servers, at first i thought it was only me but as my friends joined the servers they were able to do so with no problems so if its not nitrado not working or its settings what would be wrong with my settings. ?

  • No settings exist that would allow others, and not you on a server.

    Make sure the items/dinos are still yours (aka you are in the tribe).

    If not try forcing yourself back into the tribe with admin commands.

    You could also generate a new code, and copy that code to all your CA servers. Save, reboot. This may reset some game glitches.

  • I checked our tribe, I am still the owner of the tribe. I gave ownership to another left the tribe and was invited back in. was still unable to travel. I shut down all servers and generated a new code. copy pasted to all other servers. then restarted after saving settings. I am still the only one who cannot travel between. Also all mods are the same, during shutdown I also reinstalled all mods. In my steam setting I lowered the ping to 250. I am not playing on my usual pc, I take my game drive with me to play on my laptop when traveling. could this be an issue?

  • It shouldnt matter for the drive. Also just so you know, you dont have to have all the same mods on all servers. Just makes it easier to admin if they all do. ;)

    At this point I would suggest you contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. Their contact info is in my signature, and at the bottom of this site.

    Thank you