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  • Can we get a method to setup serverside mods? I know we can't have access to the .bat file for starting the server, but it would be really helpful to reduce the need for every player needing to download somewhat large mods that won't even get used on the client side PCs. It could just be a line below the MODS line that we can add to in the general settings


    Added the Label PC/Steam
  • Hello,

    For what game and platform?

    Many games already allow you to add ModIDs to the server interface and the game downloads. Example: ARK. Also how those mods download and install are how the game devs and steam (pc servers) have configured it to work. Nothing here we can do to change that.

    Did you even know that there are Serverside Mods? I guess not ?( if a Mod isnt requiered by the Client then why let it load by Client? btw just join the DayZ Modders Discord and let you introduce to Serverside Mods ;) and yes only YOU can change the way to load the Mods, or give the User access to use the commandline parameters in full scope.

  • Apparently server side mods are just a case of dropping the files into the "addons" folder and then the server automatically runs anything in there as server side.

    This will not work for all types of mods for instance, Discord Chat, webhook mod will not work this way without key pairing from the server side. So not following Bohimia's method of loading server side mods, with @servermod= in the command line is a disservice to customers.