possible data corruption, server not restarting after roll back

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  • logged into my server this morning, and my character had changed from female to male, and was in the southern island city, which isnt somehwhere i have even visited since .6 was released.

    tried to roll the server back, to the previous days backup, and then the server sits there and simply hang at 'restarting server'.

    not as big an issue, but still an issue... a few nights ago i jogged from the cross roads in the middle of the a3 down to the coastal town, but cos it started raining, i just sat in a house for maybe 15min with a torch. 9pm scheduled reset time, comes and it takes longer than usual, and when the server does finally come back up, im back at those crossroads, (loosing about 30min or so of game play).

    im genuinely curious what is causing these problems. its not cool in a game where progress is so hard fought for, to constantly have issues like this.