Uploaded items and Dino's have vanished after server update 2 days ago

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  • After the issues with Xbox/Win 10 2 days ago all the servers needed an update, I have not logged on until today and now all my uploaded items and Dino's have vanished, I've tried doing a backup but to no avail. Is it possible to restore the stuff that was uploaded?

  • Sorry to hear for your loss.

    Did you have the timers correctly set for the server to hold the items that long? Some servers are set to 24hrs. And I believe that is the default as well. Personally I have always changed that to 3 days. If you did already have it set this long, sadly this can happen with an update. Wildcard suggest doing a recovery backup but that may or may not work. Unfortunately if the backup did not work as in your case the items are lost. In my community I always post its a risk uploading stuff. Take a screen shot of the uploads. Many of us over time have sadly accepted the losses like this of ARK. Its not a hardware specific issue. Its either the settings or the game issues.


  • ah that sucks, to be honest I probably haven't changed that setting, as a rule I don't usually leave them uploaded as I don't have a cluster that is my way of moving around maps, as the server's were down I didn't log in for 48 hours so I'm guessing that's the reason. Ah well guess I'll just have to re tame, re breed, re mutate but thanks for the heads up I'll make sure to download them all before logging off each night in future

  • Or change the setting in the WebUI (assuming you are not doing expert settings). This will increase your chance of keeping them.

    The screenshot is my config. It equals to 72hrs. I havent lost anything in some time. With 24hrs I lost alot.