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  • Hi,

    I'm a new user on deploying a DayZ Server for public usage. I got one at home, so I can manage it very easily.

    But, for public use, I need to adjust some settings here. In fact, and because I want to install some mods, I need to use the DZSALModServer instead of the basic DayZServer_x64 one. So it will connect to the DZSA Servers and help us to download the mods we need for using my server. This mod runs exactly as the DayZServer_x64.exe but it seems that you don't let us to manage the cmd running script for letting us changing the EXE we need. Is there a way to change this?

    Secondly, will you upgrade the user interface for helping us to download mods like do? In fact, we just have to check the mod ID on the Steam WorkShop link (ie.: httpx://, paste it into the interface, and the server downloads it for us! It's very cool and much easier instead of FTP because we all not have an Optic Fiber Internet Access and upload is very slow, especially for big files like maps and more. It would be very great!

    Thanks for answers


  • only support is able to include and start the needed dzsalauncher exe.

    maybe they help you implementing this.

    another way to upload mods to your server is by creating local mod of the subscribed ones via original steam dayz sa launcher, no need to check ids then

  • German client here so the descriptions can vary

    Open DayZ via steam, run launcher.

    There you can subscribe mods by clicking +workshop.

    Return to launcher you see subscribed mod, click on > on the right side, then Click on ... (more), then click on „copy as local mod“ , then choose folder on your PC for destination of copy.

    There you are, a local mod is made on your Computer in chosen directory.

    Upload this mod to your server.

    Unfortunately there is no option to let a simple game server do the mod download directly.

    Therefore you need to rent a vserver and run CFTools, this will do server installations automatically.

    Best tool ever

  • anche io ho lo stesso problema nel poter installare il TOOLS di DZSALauncher, (DZSALModServer.exe) in modo tale da permettere agli utenti di poter scaricare le mod in modo semplice e automatico. Se non possiamo noi trasferire tramite FileZilla questo file, potete impostarlo voi sul nostro server?