Autosave and then restart - Players losing progress.

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  • I am trying to setup a 8 hour restart, our server auto saves every 30 minutes. How can i set this up so that the server saves and then restarts so players do not lose progress. We want autosave and THEN a restart. only seeing a option for restart but players are losing progress . TIA

  • I'm extremely valuable with game advancement, ordinarily, I have cried at the deficiency of information for games I hadn't played in months or a long time. I particularly disdain the sensation of reiteration because of my own disappointment which a few games have as a technician. This is one reason why Soulsborne games take me such a long time to finish notwithstanding my veneration for them. Any misfortune in movement (regardless of how minor) can be sufficient to smash my advantage in messing around for a day and drive one of them into a title I get back to a couple of months after the fact (actually haven't completed Dull Spirits 3 or Bloodborne thus).

    I hope this situation gets better, and do help if you know anything to resolve this issue.