Can't even find my own server

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  • setup my server with their very "useful" wiki about setting server up which was useless i had to watch a video in the end. Managed my server settings like passwords and such. Ready to dive in and just to found many attempt of me (reinstalling the game, restarting the game server) and YET I STILL CAN'T FIND IT. Reached out with 2 support ticket until now NO REPLIES. Still can't find my server in the listing, added it to steam favorite with IP and the (+2 Port as mentioned in their wiki) it says "server not responding" on steams end. Any help would be appreciated, so frustrated with their bad service as a first time nitrado user. NOT planning to repurchase once this ends.....

  • Mikan, When you look for your "Last Oasis Nitrado Server ". By looking in Steam View Servers. Ok Say your IP is Note your do not put that in the Server Search . As will will get a Server no response! What you put in the search is the Quarry IP address: This will bring up your server.