Players don’t show in offline player list on web interface

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  • Hi guys, we run a cluster of 5 maps, 4 pvp 1 pve and have run into this before but it seems to be getting progressively worse.

    We’ve noticed that when we go to ban players who have already logged off or we didn’t find out about the issue until they were offline, there is a very good chance that their psn does NOT show up at all in the player lists when you show offline players from the Nitrado web interface.

    We need to be able to remove players from all 5 maps, but a lot of times the names won’t show up, even though we KNOW they’ve spent a decent amount of time on the map. We can even find their base sometimes but yet they don’t show up.

    Ideally what would be great is a way to manually enter a psn and have it added to the ban list whether they’ve been on the server or not, but I know that doesn’t exist.

    So the real issue here is that toxic players can just pop back onto the server and we have to catch them online to remove them from the Nitrado side because for whatever reason they don’t show up otherwise.

    So two things...are others having the same issue? And is there something I’m missing that could make this whole thing a lot easier.

    Right now it’s pretty much 2/3 of the time that the person we are trying to ban does not show up on any given map. Sometimes we can catch them on one map but not the others.

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.

  • If you uncheck the “Online” checkbox it shows players not online and players that have been banned. The problem is that some show up there and some don’t even though I just saw them on the server a few minutes prior and can see them talking in the chat in the admin logs

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.

  • I am having the same issue. To me it seems it only shows offline players that have not had their status set to appear offline on the console they are playing on. This is a real inconvenience because we have had issues with people that we need to ban but they use this bug to their advantage. It shows all offline players once the online button is unchecked as long as they had connected to the server while they were appearing online. If there is a way to fix this please let me know as well. I have my servers on Xbox using Nitrado.

  • The original post was regarding PS4, not Microsoft, so that info was added after the fact as a similarity, but is also indication that something’s going on that Nitrado isn’t recognizing player ids for some reason.

    The idea that it only registers people who have had their online status set to appear online is an interesting theory, but still yields problems if that’s the case since there are people who NEVER show online. How can you permanently get rid of people who break your server rules if you can’t even rely on the only tools you have?

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.

  • Just incase anyone is having this issue still i have away around it for someone who is in a tribe but offline. Its a bit long winded but works.

    Go onto your server logs and find the player logging in. It should show a tribe ID

    Dont include ()

    1. Use the command

    GetTribeIdPlayerList (tribe ID)

    This will bring up the tribes members in the chat box and show their player IDs

    2. Use the command

    GetSteamIDForPlayerID (player ID)

    This will then show a longer number, this is their steam ID, note this down.

    3. Use the command

    admincheat BanPlayer (steam ID)

    This will ban them off the server.

    Hope this helps.