create savezone

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  • Hello please help i tried to create safe zone no damage but not working code as below and nitrado wiki wtill can not as it was

    next i changed 0 to 1,-1,2 can not too

    area respawned but i can do damage to building

    1. [SCUM.SafeZones]
    2. SafeZone=(Name="Safe",X=-746974.7573, Y=-745330.7443, Radius=2,
    3. HumanToHumanDamageMultiplier=0,
    4. MeleeWeaponDamageHandling=0,
    5. ThrowingDamageHandling=0,
    6. ProjectileDamageHandling=0,
    7. ExplosiveDamageHandling=0,
    8. DamageToBasesHandling=0,
    9. DamageToVehiclesHandling=0,
    10. PuppetDamageHandling=0,
    11. VehicleDamageHandling=0,
    12. PlayerLockpickingHandling=0,
    13. WorldLockpickingHandling=0,)