How do I prevent this from happening?

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  • Hello everyone,,,

    So my friends and I are playing some modded with Extinction Core on Valguero, and we came across this. This isnt the only place in the map where it happens, we found around 7 different bunches like these around the map. This is just absurd. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening? We are using Ark Server Manager and I don't know what settings I need to change so this doesn't happen.



  • Well, more than likely its a mod. Default vanilla does not have those over-spawns you are showing. And the map creator has vanilla and custom spawns. You may want to ask the creator of the map for suggestions. You are going to need to know the spawn points.

  • Heard Exticntion Core is bugged inside out. Try removing it, doing a dino wipe and check again. If there's no overspawn issue, you've got your problem. If there still is, we'll have to look for different source.

    Tho I am a tester of one of the mods that "better" dinos, and every single person that reported an overspawn issue had it because of a mod. Not the one I'm trying to break err test, luckily, but it was all mods, so I think it's safe to say vanilla Valg doesn't have an overspawn issue.