Ark Server Update Discussion, A Message To Nitrado

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  • When Ark is updated, it seems like we have to wait several hours after the update has been released before we can actually use our servers. A server that we have paid for. My point is short and simple. If Nitrado is going to take so long to update our servers that we have limited time on before we have to pay again, freeze that time, or repay us in however long it took. Add on those couple hours compensation, it's our money's worth after all.

  • I understand the frustration.

    Unfortunately, we can't do much regarding this on the Forums.

    If you are in a situation like the one you are reporting again, please contact Support, not much they can do in case the update is still being rolled out but can definitely make sure everything's fine and provide the missing time if necessary or if it applies.

    Thank you!