Disabling Riding of tames

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  • I ran a dedicated xbox server for several years and am new to Nitrado. Ever since I saw the option for disabling riding of tames on my options for my xbox server I have wanted to have a linked server with that option enabled. Now that my crew can make a cluster I was excited that I could finally have my non riding server. The idea being you could load in and hunt tames on foot, sort of like a predator collecting skulls, and because we actually want to tame what we find I can't just default to the no tames option. My friends and I have found that the game maintains some of it's spark when your on foot navigating the wilds. Yes we could just choose to not use mounts, but I'd like the restriction there to remove the temptation of an easy fix when a hunt goes poorly.

    I've been through the General setting list over and over with no luck spotting it, and been through the expert option list at least twice line by line. I'm sure it's hiding directly in front of me but for the life of me I can't find it, any assistance is greatly appreciated.