Unexpected server state with daily server restart

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  • Hi all,
    My gen2 server is set to restart every morning at 04:30am.

    Many times when i log in the next morning I can tell time hasn't passed in real time (i.e. baby dinos are not grown as they should). I would say that the time passed at least half as slow as it should have.

    When I look at the backup files (see screenshot attached), it is clear that something is wrong:

    The server backup save file is typically around 9MB, but after server restart at 04:30, the save file goes as low as 2MB, and then gradually back up to 9MB. This shows that something is not right because the rest of the time all the backups are consistently around 9MB all day long.

    The next backup after restart is always around 5am, which is expected as the server restarts at 4:30: it shows the the server was up but perhaps in a unexpected state.

    I don't have this issue with my other Ark server (Ragnarok), and never experienced it with any other Ark server I've ever had (all on Nitrado).

    Any idea what can be done to resolve this?

    Thank you.