Custom Spawners Stopped Working

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  • I don't know if this started at the release of Gen 2, or when the Summer Bash started... Custom spawners I had set up for months, through the INI with Beacon have stopped working. Deinonychus on Rag, Griffins on The Island.. , mostly vanilla dinos. But not all that I have set up were effected. I submitted a ticket to WC about. Posting here to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I verified that changes were made and on the INI file that was deployed by Beacon.

    Like I said, things were working before. Just don't know what is causing the failed spawns now.

  • Have you reached out to the Beacon Community/Workshop? I would start with that. Many mods have issues atm. Also I have already heard Beacons are having some affects on folks. I know all it does is generate code in the ini file which I would think wouldnt cause any issues. I use simple spawners and I can add custom dinso with no issue.