Wait to buy graphics card?

  • I’m going to build my first PC soon, but I’ve seen from multiple sources that Nvidia is about to release their next-gen graphics cards in Q3-Q4 2018. The graphics card I’m interested in getting now is the GTX 1060 6gb, but I don’t know if I should wait until the new 11 series is released. Would it be worth it to get the 1060 now, then wait a couple years to upgrade, or wait until the new ones are released and not have to upgrade for a while? I would use the PC for game development/programming, and some gaming. I’d appreciate any help I could get. I’m stuck on the decision.

  • The 1060 is outdated. The current model would be the 2060. (but its more expensive) If the 2060 is too expensive, take look at the 1660. It is slightly faster than the 1060 but not much more expensive.

    For AMD i'd say look for the the RX 590 with 8GB (similar to the 1660) or the Vega 56 with 8GB (from the performance it's in the middle of the 2060 and 1660).

    If you can wait a few days, the new graphics cards from Nvidia, the "super" models like the RTX 2060S will be available and you should see some performance tests. (should be slightly faster than the non S models and also a little bit more expensive than the non-super card)

    Note: If you want to build your own pc NOW, take a look at whats currently available (and not outdated) and but it. Only if the new release of hardware is planned for the next one to two months, its maybe worth waiting (depends on what might be released, it could be only high end graphics cards which don't matter for you). There is always and will always be something around the corner which could be better / faster / cheaper, but why wait? The next release of any hardware will always be faster but after the release is before the release. You could wait until you die and you'd still not have the best product.

    Second Note: If you want to keep using the card for a "long" time, make sure to buy a model with at least 6GB of RAM, 8 is better. More is always better.

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  • I'm using 1070 and it's doing as good as any other graphics card, I'd guess. Can run the games on max settings, no problems with crashes (that are hardware-related), and you have to remember that the newest graphics card with be super expensive. Heard a lot of good things about 1080, you could take a look at that. Unless money is not a worry of yours, then probably you could justs tick with whatever's rated TOP, lol.