Server cannot accept connections

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  • I have recently set up an Unturned server through Nitrado again, i have done this before but never had this particular problem before, the server is for 2 friends and my self, once installed we can connect just fine, but after everyone is logged out none of us can connect to the server again, i have tried messing with the few workshop items we do have installed (when i change the map we can connect again, but only that one time), i have personally changed graphics setting to the lowest and easiest to handle for my computer, to try to minimize load time (should i share PC specs?)
    I'm not sure what other info to supply here but any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated

    - ider_vvf

  • I just tried to remove all workshop content, change the map to an official map instead of a curated one, i could join fine but after a logout and server restart i still have the problem, just to show that it isnt a mod conflict causing it.

  • Could try a reinstall and restore if its a new server.

    If you would like assistance from Nitrado Support you will need to call them or create a ticket.

    Here is the link: Support |

    Thank you.