Dino experience per kill.

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  • Hello again,

    I finally tamed my first Ptera! However i want to boost the amount of EXP my ptera gets per kill....I was able to boost the amount of exp my player gets but doesn't carry over to the dino. I am not using expert mode. What setting do i need to change to make it so my dinos get more exp per kill.

    Thank you guys again!

    We Are Safemoon Army

  • will changing the kill xp multiplier and/or changing the generic xp multiplier affect my dinos?

    what about the xp multiplier? my dinos level up sooo slow and things hit so hard that it is hard level - however i do like the challenge, i just wish i could get more exp per kill with the dinos so that leveling wont be so difficult.

    Thank you in advance.

  • actually i just noticed my Dinos are stuck at 1301 EXP...they dont gain any more than that no matter how many things i kill. someone help please.

    My Ptera is currently stuck at level 403 and can't gain anymore than 1301 exp. his exp bar says " 1301/1450 and can't gain anymore. what's going on with it?

    This is what i currently have on the game.ini :


    Closed the thread.