Are the servers currently working at Nitrado? Dayz server currently unplayable

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  • Currently having issues on a friends server. we have tried restarts, shutdowns and even changing car spawn rates, but to no avail! The cars are, while holding the breaks, are doing flips both in the air and under the ground. Rubber banding is a huge issue, in cars and on foot. I am just looking for an update as to server outages and how long these issue may take to fix. and the server is new, not many player built structures

  • dude. call customer support. that's why they are there. i've talked to them and had an issue with the london server and they changed to Frankfurt and no probs. all free. if you were not able to log on for a while they will extend the time.

    Customer support is your friend. i promise. my experience was really good.

  • Mines has been shutting down itself or showing as running but cpu and memory usage showing at 0% then no one being able to find on steam or dzsa i gave up on contacting support as always just get a generic answer or offered to move my server to a different location :(