Cross Platform Question

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  • I want to rent a server for myself and the kids. I play on pc and they would play on a series x and an xbox one. Is it possible to rent a server for this and if so, which one? I do have the windows 10 version of Ark. Thanks.

  • FIRST OFF. DO *NOT* rent it from the pc site, go to your xbox, download the nitrado app and install it from there, the server renting here is for pc only, the only way to make a cross compatible ark is to rent it from the xbox as Microsoft gets the profits and starts the connections

    you will also need the microsoft store version of ark to play it with them as steam is NOT cross compatible with anything but the epic games version. sorry to tell you that

    third when you rent the server log into it here and make sure to TURN ON cross connection with pc in the settings!

  • Sounds like even if I rent a server using the Nitrado app on the XBOX, I will still have to choose an XBOX server and still not be permitted to FTP my game files from my PC in order to migrate our current non-dedicated server game to it.


    Closed the thread.