Uploading and downloading problems

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  • So i rent two servers one is the main map the other is to go to different maps. The problem i am running into is when i am redownloading my character from my second server my base and dinos are not claimed no more they have the red name and my base is no longer claimed even though i am using the character i built and tamed everything on. I need help asap please!;(

  • it sounds like you have a tribe issue ..... did you start a new tribe on each server ...or keep the one you had? even starting a new tribe on the 2nd server with the same name will trigger this ..... I'd suggest logging back on your main server first ....the one you have control of all your assets ...then logging on to the 2nd server and use admin commands to take ownership of all your stuff on the offending server. hope this makes sense and helps you out.

    PS did you make a server cluster ?

  • No i didnt make a cluster because i want to make so the servers needed a password but cant do it supposedly. So basically if I upload my character on the 2nd and change the name of the tribe it should be ok?

  • Hey so i tried does what you told me to do and it did not work i have had servers with another host never had this problem and i wanted to play with my xbox friends as well but this is getting annoying.

  • When you allow character upload/download you must connect to the last server you were on as that is the main character to move around.

    So say you were on Server A, created a tribe, built a base, tame some dinos - in order to go to Server B you need to use an Ob, or transmitter. It could have been at the exact moment you did what you did the ARK/WC CrossARK feature was disabled. WC does do that.

    So if you do the above and move to server B, create a tribe, start building and taming as normal. If you log off from Server B, then the next time you connect it MUST be on Server B, not A. You would use the OB/Trasmitter to transfer back to Server A.

    If you are already past that point and have builds on both servers, you must decide which one will be the main, connect to that server. Make sure you are in your tribe, and have all your stuff. Then travel to the new server through the obs, and take over the structures and tames. Create a tribe name first. And no, the name does not have to be the same on Server A and Server B.

    I run multiple CA servers with no issues. And when I do its easily resolved with admin commands. The ARK wiki has all the commands to use.