Space Engineers not installing mods or showing up on steam

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  • I ordered this server today, I am starting to wonder if you get what you pay for. I installed my mods in the sandbox.sbc by adding the appropriate lines. So far the only mods that seem to show up are the ones that were part of the scenario. Does it not auto download the mods? Does that mean every time Keen does a big update I need to filter through my some 80 mods to see if they are still compatible or if i need to update them?

    Also the server does not show up on the steam list of servers. Sometimes when I try to connect to it I also have to either attempt several times to get it to connect or restart the server.

  • I am having a similar issue... mod ID's all added in server settings. Copied all mod folders into FTP with Filezilla... still no mods loading in after restarting server.

    Also my server isn't showing up in the search either.

    Edit: You can still join your server with the direct connect using the ip address, of course.

    Fingers crossed for some helpful feedback.

  • Well, quick update. I Shut the server down and waited. Did some research on why none of my mods seem to be loading. 15 minutes later I just changed a few settings in the settings panel, unchecked "scenario edit mode" and started the server back up. Looks like all of my mods have loaded. I'll have to look at the search menu and see if my server is populating on there as well.

  • I had that issue but try this I use it in the file browser>saves>nitrado>Sandbox_Config.sbc

    Try this in the code beside <mods> remove the / if it's part of <mods>


    repeat that code with each new mod and ID you are adding I have 6 working mods right now