ECO map size

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  • Heya Buddy,

    Step 1: Stop the Server

    Step 2: Go onto your server, go into the Configs folder, Download the file called

    Step 3: Edit this file, In the top you will see the option to change the dimensions 9remember to keep both values the same and use the following recommended sizes

    • (72,72) — 0.52km2 — This is the default size for when first launching the Eco server.
    • (100,100) — 1km2 — Maximum size for EcoServer32.exe
    • (140,140) — 1.96km2
    • (172,172) — 2.96km2
    • (200,200) — 4km2

    Step 4: After you have saved the file upload it back to the server

    Step 5: Go into the storage folder on your server and delete Game.db and

    Step 6: Start the server.

    Step 7: Have Fun

    Hope this helps


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