Adding planets to Nitrado server, a suicide mission?

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  • Hey guys, this is my first attempt running a dedicated server. I am trying to add planets but I am not sure where or how to do this when it comes to a dedicated server. Is it just added in game in admin mode? Is it possible to utilize tools like SE Toolbox to customize planets sizes outside of the typical guardrails? Will adding planets make it unstable as hell? I have placed all of the planets where I want them in my offline game and it would be so nice if I could somehow copy that map into my Nitrado server.... is that possible?

    I did run a search over the forums and I encountered a lot of admins who added planets being in a "server restarting loop"; I want to avoid that and any other instabilities. What do you guys think?

    PS: it is a Steam server. Cross platform NOT enabled.

  • Amazing that no one has provided any information on this, alas, I have figured it out myself.

    1. Know that you will need to place planets to your world yourself. To do this you will need to first add yourself as an admin in your server settings using your SteamID, this is a long number, something around 17 digits. If you don't know how to find it, google it, you will easily find answers.

    2. You will need to add each planet's "ModID" to your mod list in your server's settings. To find this go to the webpage of the mod/planet you want to add, copy and paste the Mod ID. It is the 9 or 10 digit number near the end of the page's URL.

    Restart your server. If the mods/planets aren't showing up in your planets list, proceed to step 3.

    3. This is where it gets a little tricky, but is still totally doable by anyone. You will need to be subscribed to all of these mods so that you can find them locally on your PC. The filepath will typically be something like: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\244850\ <- within this folder will be a list of mods, but they will all be in folders with 9-10 digit strings of numbers, this is what you are looking to copy over to the server.

    4. Download "Filezilla" ... it is free and legit. This program will be what you will use to upload all of your mod files you want to be on your server to the server's FTP. You can find your server's FTP credentials under the "File Browser" on the left side of your server's webpage. Once you figure the program out and you narrow down all of the mods you need to copy over, drag and drop them in the [spaceeng] > [content] > [mods] directory. Restart your server and try to boot it up. For me, it seemed to take two restarts/about 15 minutes to have the planets & mods finally show up.