Ark Server seems to be taking a very long time restarting

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  • So all last week and through the weekend, my rented server ran smoothly all through out. Mods and all, with updates all through out that time.

    Now as of today, I noticed one mod needed an update and so I did the usual. Restarted the server to apply the mod update and now my server is seemingly stuck in the reboot sequence. I can force stop the server just fine and have even attempted to leave it off for a half hour or more before attempting to restart again. As of this posting, it has been in this restart phase for nearly 30 minutes.

    Should I force stop it and leave it off for a while? Or just leave it be and be patient? I have encountered this situation before and I normally have just gotten feed up with it and let it sit like this overnight. By morning the server would read as being up and running and from then on things would be fine.

    It has been 10 days since the last incident like this but with it occurring once more, I figured I would try my luck here for any Tips or Information anyone can provide.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    I would be grateful. :)

  • Update.

    Discovered that while Nitrado web service indicates the server is restarting, Ark itself is able to find the server as though it were up and running. Upon attempting to join, it indicates a "mod version mismatch". Now i'm uncertain if it is on my end, or on server side. Also, quite oddly, server side Ark version states it as 331.19 while at the main menu for ark, it states it as 331.17

    So again, was there an Ark update that I for some reason have not downloaded? Or is this a Nitrado issue?

    I have yet to open a Ticket to the support team, however I am beginning to wonder if I should do so


    Discovered the Nitrado web interface is NOT communicating with my server, or so it seems. Opened a Support Ticket as i'm uncertain what to do outside of reinstalling the server.