Cant find my Server Ingame / Steam Serverlist

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  • Finding a way to get a support ticket is impossible alone, they want you to go through the FAQ to find it yourself but even if you go through the FAQ there's no option to make a support ticket. so now I'm here, in the forums because Nitrado sucks and i wish i could get my money back.

    I've changed my server with mods and changed the options through the Expert options, tried to remove some dino's that were causing trouble and literally crashed the server.

    I'd changed max player level to 300 and dino level much the same but i was done with the crashes and the constant hour long reloads of the server, constantly needing to wait an hour just to see that the server rolled itself back again.

    So clean install it was, but now it won't even let me join it, . its online, its added to my favorites and its a fresh install. but its just not there.

    I'm so done trying to get this server to work. i 100% want to get my money back, i even payed more so i would have all the ram i needed for this server.

    No, i don't have any crash reports as I've reinstalled this server, this is all the info I've gotten.



    Nitrado is a joke and a scam.

  • Hello

    I'm sorry you're having server issues. When making changes most can be made without going into expert mode. This Includes removing dinos, changing levels stuff like that.

    If you were able to connect before you started originally making changes it usually is an error in the coding.

    For support tickets once you clicked the ticket and phone option under support you click other and then other again this will take you to the ticket writing part. The ticket is the last option as we try to use the forums as the first area for the community to figure out issues together .

    Tickets are answered usually within 24 hours. If you wish for a refund it must be done through support. You can also contact them on the phone during the open phone hours as well.

    Again I am sorry your server is giving you issue I can assure you there is no scam what so ever in what we do.

  • DennisSaleyka

    Changed the title of the thread from “Nitrado Sucks” to “Cant find my Server Ingame / Steam Serverlist”.