Setting Up Server - Creative Plot World Server Map - WorldEdit & Voxel Sniper Tools

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  • I'm trying to setup a Minecraft 1.17 Server that will be a Creative Plotworld Server.

    I've set the server to "Creative" and "Flat". But how to I set the Options to make it a "Plot World"?

    I also don't see where I go for Datapacks/Plugins on my Dashboard.

    Being that it's going to be a Creative Server I wanna be able to use WorldEdit & VoxelSniper Tools for my Builds like I have in the past.

    Am I missing how to navigate my dashboard to do this part?

  • Hi,

    You must install the mods and then adjust the data.

    The best way is to access the server with a FTP program like "Filezilla".

    Keep in mind that you also need the right server type, so a Bukkit/Spigot or Forge server - something like that.

    Then you also have the modfolder available.

    Greetings Sordukan

  • I appreciate the feedback.

    I think I was able to get a few things in. Not my only issue is when I go to type in the commands to configure my plots to specify what I want exactly appears to not wanna be working.

    If I use the command "plot setup create" I should have an In-Game List of Options and I don't get any of that. Perhaps I did the incorrect version of the plugin? I'm not too sure since the commands show up in the chat lines be don't register in the game

  • Check the server console for errors when you run the command.

    And just to save, you are sending the commands by pressing enter, right? I've had my fair share of people that claimed commands are not working when they aren't even sending them. On that note, just because the command turns red, doesn't mean it's wrong. Send it anyways.