Procon Layer Stuck in "Restart" phase, unable to connect with Procon/FTP Client

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  • Hi,

    I restarted my Procon Layer to load new plugins and it has been stuck with the same message for a 1.5 hours:

    "The Procon Layer is now being restarted, this can take a few minutes."

    during this time neither the Procon client or the FTP client are able to connect to the Server Procon Layer.

    I tried restarting the server, and stopping/restarting the server, but i am still unable to connect to the Procon Layer.

    Any advice on ways to interrupt the process or diagnose the issue is appreciated.



    Action: attempted to restore a server backup from before the Procon Layer Restart was requested

    Result: Server configuration reset accordingly, no change in Procon Layer Status

  • @monster _cookie

    i talked to an owner of another server, they are having no issues right now so i think Nitrado's servers are just struggling.

    hope there's a solution soon, or else i may request a refund on my order and take my money somewhere else



    up to 4 hours now without layer connnection

    Reinstalled BF4 via the Web interface, still no luck in fixing the server.

    Talked to support, they informed me they could not restart or end the server layer. seems kinda lazy considering they host it and I have no ability to modify it outside of restarting it and removing it.

    SOMEONE has to be in control of the the layer, right???

  • Having a similar problem, stopped the procon service and now it's stuck on "The procon layer will be stopped now" for about an hour, guess I'm just screwed out of control for now?

    I assumed after hitting stop that there would be a restart button, but absolutely nothing so far.

  • There is currently a problem with the procon layer for BF4 but Nitrado is already working on it.

    Please contact the support directly for further help / info.

    NITRADO Support

    No support via PM.

    Important: Mods here in the forum do not have access to your services. If we advise you to contact the support, you have to create a ticket or call them. There is nothing we can do.

  • Update #3

    I requested a refund and a cancellation of service for my rented server with Nitrado yesterday after 8+ hours without Procon Access.

    It's unfortunate, but i had heard similar anecdotes from other past users. Too bad they were what i also experienced.

    Problem solved, i guess?

  • Please contact the support directly for further help / info.

    NITRADO Support

    Hello, sorry you are still having issues. No additional information to the mods at this time. Please do as recommended above by Drakexz. Thank you