Day Time all the time

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  • So what I wanted is for time to move forward (days to progress) but the sky to never change. I’ve seen it on other clusters and have tried to replicate it but something isn’t going right. I still want 1 day to take 1 hour but I want the sky to appear as noon all day.

    I tried to make it so that 1 day lasts 1 hour and the night is skipped instantly. But this just bugs out and somehow after 3 weeks (504 hours) were above day 800 on some servers.
    does anyone know how to properly make time progress and keep the sky bright.
    thank you

  • What do you mean “let the drops cycle for space”

    I saw it on one server where days went forward like normal but it never physically went night.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to do that. Is there a way to freeze the sky while time moves?

    Every Day Space Changes as well as drops, there are some good space days (element shards/element, Mutagel Etc) so its important that it switches, we had our nights set at 10 (meaning they went super fast but it was dark for maybe a min or 2) but im sure you could bump it up to 20 so that it goes faster?

    we have ours back on normal settings as we were getting glitchy