Here we are again, another Ark update last night (331.7) ...

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  • So Ark released another game update last night before I went to bed, and here it is 9 hours later, and Nitrado still hasn't released the update for the servers. This is the only company that I've used that holds the releases in a "quarantine" area before releasing. I shifted away from Nitrado a couple of years ago because of this since we were averaging 4-12 hours waiting for the files to be released. None of the other gaming services I've used before or after Nitrado have this kind of setup.

    Now I'm a co-admin for a friend that started using Nitrado and they are still doing this quarantining crap. Can't believe they take so long to release the files. :evil:

    Update: now I'm seeing 331.7 as the version, but the update date still shows Jun 20th. So not sure if it actually updated or not. Still cannot connect.

    • Version331.7
    • Last game update

      Jun 20, 2021, 8:22:48 PM

    Update: Ok, now we look good. Took awhile for it to really be updated I guess.

  • Hey, here you can find the Patchnote -> PC Patch Notes: Client v331.7 - Server: v331.7 (Updated: 06/22/2021) - Changelog / Patch Notes - ARK - Official Community Forums

    Current Version: v331.7 - 06/22/2021

    • Fixed an issue with Genesis Part 2 not using the correct octree causing performance problems
    • Reduced the Lazer range of the Astrodelphis (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
    • Astrodelphis Lazers now respect armor when applying damage (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
    • Adjusted Mantis Feeding to prevent it from starving when fed Rhino Horns
    • Fixed a bug where the Astrodelphis baby would get stuck inside the mother on spawn
    • Fixed a mesh exploit

    Closed the thread.