Help with restoring Gen2.ark

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  • Hello, I just swapped to Nitrado from a different hosting service and I rented an Ark PC 16 slot server. I have my own server files that my friend and I play on. I've configured everything I could think of to make it as much of the same as I previously had it. For the save folder, i copied tribe, profile and the Gen2.ark file. When I start the server, It always starts a fresh game. It loads my character data and tribe data. I login the same level as before, but it's day 1. I can't seem to get the server to actually load from the Gen2.ark file that I placed in the save directory. As soon as I shut down the server, the Gen2.ark file is overwritten with the day 1 data. Anyone have any idea how I can get the server to take this save file when booting up?

  • Well, after messing with it for a few hours and just about giving up, I finally got it to work. Only thing I did differently was the copy method. I deleted everything from the save folder. Then rather than uploading the files via FTP, I used Nitrado's Web interface File Browser to upload all of it. I had ONLY, the tribe, profile and Gen2.ark files in the save directory. After using that method, the restart worked and loaded my original world. Hope this helps anyone else who might be in the same boat as I was today.

  • I have never done it the way you did. I have always done the FTP method. And yes, you would remove all the files from save (if you wanted to be clean) and copy the files over. The server MUST be shutdown to do this. Then when copying over is complete, restart server.

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