Information about changing maps

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  • Hello,

    I wanted to inquire about changing maps on Ark, I have looked over the Wiki and understand how to change maps within the settings but I wanted more clarification on ensuring tames carry onto a new map

    Currently I am playing on The Island and in the future I was hoping to swap to a different map after we clear the PvE content on The Island

    I'm wondering the process of saying my tames, do I upload them to an obelisk/orbital drop and then once I change maps download them or do I just swap the map and those tames carry on over without any additional steps?

    Thank you for your time

  • You have to manually upload every thing you want to bring over to the new map at the obelisk then download it once the map has been changed. I personally am using the mod dino storage which just straight up convert you dinos into items that you can bring with.

    And as always, do make an offline save on your computer in case things go wrong.