Garbage Loot in Drops

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  • Hello.

    I have been playing official and the loot on drops have been amazing.

    Now I am hosting a private Ark Nitrado server (Gen 2) and the items in the drops are garbage. How do I fix this to where the quality of drops on on Nitrado Ark server mirror the drops on official Gen 2 servers?

  • Not sure other than they are vanilla. The official ones are hosted by Nitrado.

    If you made any modifications or say beacons app may have caused the issue. I run a server and drops are fine.

  • You can always adjust loot quality under general settings for your server. Under Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier.

    It won't get rid of finding trash, and you will still find it often, but when equipment/saddles to drop, they will be of better quality. We usually have it between 4-6, depending on the map. But Gen 2 definitely seems to have the most random and varying loot. With a loot quality of 6, I've found anything from stone pipes to a 146 armor astrodelphis tek saddle. I'd say start with a 4 and see how it goes.