Beyond Frustrated.

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  • I am so beyond frustrated with this. I bought a server the day the new Ark Genesis 2 Map came out. Unknowing that we needed a 16 slot server, I bought a 10. I bought it way early, that part, I should have waited on so that is my fault, absolutely.

    But when I bought the server this "automatic extension" thing was put on it which has made it to where I can not turn on Boosting for the server or add more slots.

    I disabled Automatic Renew in my microsoft live account over a week ago, that didn't work. I do not seem to have this little "x" in my Web Interface on Nitrado to shut it off either. I've opened TWO tickets with Nitrado who said they've disabled it on their end, but still.. my Nitrado app still says "Automatic Extension" is enabled. Nitrado customer service keeps marking my tickets as "Solved" and this is not solved and now no one is responding to me on this new ticket I opened over two days ago. This server had 31 days on it, we're down to 18 and I haven't been able to add it to my cluster or use it because Nitrado Customer Service keeps telling me this issues is "Solved" and it's not. I've wasted money and no one is helping me.

    I either need my money back, or to have this fixed asap and my 31 days put back on this server.