Server Not Showing

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  • Hi,

    Anyone else having this issue where their server isn't showing in the serverlist?

    I have 3 servers, two of them are showing but the 3rd isn't?

    Both Showing in server list



    Not Showing


    Any suggestions? Does Rag normally take longer to update??

  • If you are still having issues, some basic things to do:

    (1) Restart the server. If is hangs, about 5-10m a button appears to forcestop, then restart.

    (2) Check out the server logs. If you see crashstack, that more likely is a corrupted gamefile. It happens with ARK. Sadly the resolution is to rollback to the last known saved file. And no way knowing which one is bad. Some folks that do not feel comfortable trying this- you can contact Support. They more than likely will suggest the same. OR have they might find something else.

    (3) If this is a new server, try a reinstall.

    (4) If all the above fails, please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. If you already have please continue to be patient. We are unable to assist you here in the forums.

    Moderators have no access to servers or accounts. We are volunteers and able to share experiences just like the rest as this is a Community Support Forum for Gamers and Admins just like you and I.

    Link: NITRADO

    Thank you.

  • Corrupted files are caused by mods or the game.

    More than likely the one that you rolled back to was also corrupt. No way of knowing which backup file is really corrupted. Also when ARK is updated sometimes this happens and WC suggests a rollback just prior to the release.

  • I recently upgraded to a 16 slot server on preparation of moving over to Genisis part 2. After I upgraded my server will no longer show up on the server list. In my app and on the website it says it is online. Is there something I am missing? Server name is still the same...