Arma3Profile resets every time the server restarts

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  • Can anything be done about it?

    I want to make a custom difficulty, but can't really do it since the file where I'am supposed to write it in resets every time the server restarts.

    Tried settings the file to read only but don't have the permission to do so.

    Any ideas?

    The file I'm talking about is:


    EDIT: as I can see it resets the arma3.vars.Arma3Profile file aswell, which is basically the save file for antistasi. With the save file reseting every time we restart the server, we can't really play the mission now can we? I guess if it's not possible to prevent those files from resetting I'll have to move to some other host.

  • I've recently created an ArmA3 server, but after some trial and error I've managed to persist it. Long story short, profile must edited when server is not running.

    1. Go to your server web interface
    2. Stop the server
    3. Go to 'arma3/Config/users'
    4. Go to the active profile folder (default is 'arma3')
    5. Edit <PROFILE_NAME>.Arma3Profile (default is 'arma3.Arma3Profile', be careful this filename is case sensitive, i.e. 'ArmA3Profile' will be ignored)
    6. Check file changes have been applied correctly
    7. Restart server

    It seems Nitrado will still apply some default values at the end of the file and will completely remove any comment line, but my custom difficulty setting is working correctly and being applied on every restart... For now.

    Here is my example.

    While the server is running, it seems it caches the arma3 profile folder (arma3/Config/users/arma3), in fact I've noticed it that when I deleted my antistasi saved game (arma3.vars.Arma3Profile), a new file named ARMA3.VARS.ARMA3PROFILE magically appeared in that very same folder... The current active profile folder is definitely being managed, so you will probably have to ask to customer support for further assistance if more customization is required.