So ARK had an update 6/13/2021 and it broke servers and then another update after but my server still on unhealthy build

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  • Had my server for a few days or weeks now and was all good mostly. We are all white listed but still need a password to get in, i did all the things Nitrado said and well.. anyways the main issue is right now I have a server on a unhealthy build and I've gone as far as to reinstall the game and go pure vanilla and it still crashes after 10min of playing and takes up to 30min to an hour to re join. I've done ALL the trouble shooting and same issues. I sent a service ticket in that morning and still nothing, that's ok. i know its the weekend and stuff but still... also just to check the boxes, I've loaded a previous save from before the update, I removed all mods, I re installed the game, back to vanilla everything. we are on the Crystal Isles map. Everything was ok till wildcard updated and then reverted the update in the same morning. Nothing is working so my server is there, un playable..

  • Sorry that you are having issues. You have done everything moderators would have suggested. Creating a ticket was the right thing to do. They will get back to you.

    Moderators have no access to servers, accounts or the ticket queue.