Changing Server Game Type

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  • Right now my server is set up for survival, but im playing with a small group of friends. If I were to change the game type to CO-OP would that erase everything we have already done? Last thing I want to do is accidentally erase the base and ships.

  • Okay so I’m going to update this, seeing as maybe this is the place to get the support I need and not submit a ticket to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing either. I set this server up because when I tried running a dedicated to play with my brother and sister-in-law, he could connect and she couldn’t. Then he tried to host and she could connect but I couldn’t. So here I am renting a server so we all can connect, but there aren’t any missions solo/co-op. How in the hell do I get the missions to be active? I tried changing the custom scenario from default multiplayer to default random, like I had seen in a Reddit post but it didn’t fix squat, still no missions. I’d greatly appreciate the help