Maewing code not working (Maewing and Maewing saddle)

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  • Hello all,

    I’ve been having some troubles with my code in the Game.ini on my Ark server. Most of the code has been working fine (I’ve added 17 creatures and 21 items), except the Maewing spawns and the Maewing saddle. I added the maewings in the canyon and some rivers and lakes and we have not been able to find any. I even put the EntryWeight and MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow both up to 1.0 in the canyon and cleared all the wild dinos, but the maewings still weren’t there. I know it’s not that Genesis: Part 2 creatures are too new because me and my friends spent a long time trying to tame a Shadowmane last night. I’ve looked over my code several times and I don’t see any problems with it, so I thought I would put my code up for inspection for the more experienced people looking through these forums. Here’s the code for the Maewing spawns (canyon):


    And for the rivers and lakes:


    And for the saddle:


    I’m really stuck here on what’s wrong. Could you help me?