Engine/Expert Settings help!

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  • I'm having trouble understanding how to raise the player level cap and the

    dino max wild level cap. i'm trying to make player level max 120 (before

    Acsension and the max level dino found in the wild 300, but every time i try

    adjusting player cap, instead of being 120, its becomes either 45 or 75. And i

    don't even begin to know where or how to raise wild dino level cap. i tried

    using the expert settings but the coding looks way different than it did 2

    years ago. So i'm trying to do it thru engine settings and general. Oh and i also want my tek engrams to be auto unlocked since i have only one map on my server. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • I’m not quite sure how to raise the max survivor or dino levels, but I can help you with adding the tek engrams. All you need to do is add the following code to your Game.ini:

    EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_(Item ID)",LevelToAutoUnlock=(Level you want the item to unlock at)

    For example, if you wanted to add the Tek Rifle you would use this code: “


    This makes the engram for the Tek Rifle auto unlock at level one. If you need any more help on adding items I’m glad to help. I currently have 21 items added in on my server, which means I almost know what I’m talking about sometimes. Anyways, good luck with your server!

    Oh and I forgot to give you the list of item IDs. Here’s the list: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/item_ids

    Sorry about that.