can't connect to my server

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    1. I have people who have tried to connect and no one can, not even me unless I enter directly from the page, I have crossplay active but neither in steam or epic game can they connect, it helps that the server pays it today
  • Sorry for the tardiness of our reply.

    Is this still an issue?

    As a future reference, if you can access the Server in any way, the problem might not be the server itself.

    Taking into consideration that Steam only shows around 4500 results per search, it is almost always necessary to connect through the Steam favorites lists or directly from your interface.

    When it comes to Servers with crossplay, it's necessary to look for the Server making sure all filters are set up to "All". Your should be looking for unofficial PC sessions and make sure that the filter for the password is properly set, if you have a password and don't check it then you'll not find the Server.

    Thank you.