XBOX Server Upgrade query

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  • I currently have an XBOX server for ark survival evolved. Given the current state of GEN 2, I am looking to upgrade the server to 20 slots so we can actually play the new map. as I bought the server through the nitrado app on Xbox, I attempted to buy an upgrade through them also.

    The upgrade is shown in the app as the following:

    old server slots: 10

    new server slots 20

    Old server run time: 261 days

    New server run time: 314 days

    price: £49.99

    now my issue is, when i go to purchase this, it says that im purchasing a 20 slot server for 90 days.

    as a result i am wanting a bit of clarity as it is advertised to extend my days and upgrade my server to 20 slots, however the purchase is for 90 days 20 slots, i do not want to shorten my running time on the server. can someone help me if this is an "adittion" to my current server, or if it is a glitch in the xbox app

  • I am curious, about this myself. Last month I paid for a year rental so me and about 4 friends could play Genesis 2. Now i I find out I can not do it with a 10 slot server. If the price is reasonable to upgrade to 20 slot I will. But, it would be nice if the terms are clear. I feel like I have already been duped once.

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