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  • Hello ARK Lovers of all ages-

    We all know you are patiently waiting for ARK Genesis 2. Guess what: so are we. :)

    Release Date: As of right now of this post it is still scheduled for PC on 6/2

    CLIENTS (not servers)-

    • ARK Survival Evolved will be receiving a big update on that day, meaning everyone should have a large patch to download. Word has it the initial update will be ~15G.
    • Studio Wildcard will be using a staggered rollout.

    This means that the new ARK Genesis 2 release time will be different for each platform.

    PC is expected to get the download first, followed by consoles. However, an official schedule for the ARK Genesis Part 2 release time has not been shared yet.

    Once Nitrado has the Server Files they will begin the work to make it available. Nitrado is unable to provide the exact timelines when servers will have it available but assure me they are working asap. ;)

    Additional information how updates and DLCs work:

    *before asking a question in this thread, please read the link first as many answers exist.

    When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    Some additional info that may help-

    • If you are able to load Genesis 2, the IP may change. Take note of that. Servers are being monitored and if its detected it needs more resources, the server moves.
    • Mods: Its always a RISK when using mods when a new DLC is released. The DevKit has to be released so the Modders can update their files. If your server worked before Gen2, but fails now more than likely its a mod. Either remove the mod or wait for the mods to update later.
    • PC Servers: this is a personal recommendation. Backup your server BEFORE changing it to the new DLC.
    • If you still are having issues after the DLC is released, please be patient. It will take some time to roll out the updates. Also several networks including Steam will be pretty loaded. If you still need to contact Nitrado Support, please create a ticket. Note: Tickets may take longer than normal response times as staff is busy rolling out ARK and tending any other issues that may arise. Thank you
    • 20 slots for Xbox (no 16 slot option there yet)- Update: 16 port is now available for XBox. Contact Support with any questions.
    • CrossARK is not enable atm from WC for Gen2. No ETA. Please visit the WC Forums for further updates. This is normal for when a DLC is released

    How to backup a pc server? : Visit-

    If new information is available and I am aware of it, I will update this post. But note better updates would be on the Twitter and Official ARK forums of Genesis2 status.

    Thank you.

    Nitrado appreciates your business.

    *minor note- any other posts related to Genesis 2 along the same subject as this one will be either removed or merged. Please review the forum guidelines referencing duplicate topics/post.


    From Wildcard

    Genesis Part 2 is currently finishing the automated certification process.

    We expect that process to be complete in the early morning, so we'll be launching simultaneously on all platforms at 8 AM Eastern June 3rd.

    Thank you for your patience and support. It will be worth it!"

  • I wish I knew. On a previous post about PC it was mentioned that nitrado has to receive the server files before they can update. It sounded like they receive them around the same time the download becomes available for us, so I would assume they're working on it now. That being said the post also stated that they cannot give an eta so I suppose we just have to keep checking!


    From Wildcard all night, and this morning-

    "Working through an issue on Steam/EPIC that will hopefully be resolved soon. Also looking into some instability with some PS players after receiving the update". Check out the latest from their Twitter page.

    Do what to share this to the server owners seeking a Genesis2 server-


    Unfortunately, the ARK Genesis 2 DLC requires significantly more memory (RAM), which is why the new map is only available for servers with 16 slots or more. Should updates normalize the memory usage, this requirement will no longer apply."

    Nitrado Update:

    Sadly we are unable to provide when the update will be released. As the update is released, it will be pushed to the corresponding platforms. Thank you for being patient.

  • how does one go about upgrading their current server?

    find it quite annoying that I've just bought the ultimate edition of ark, along with all my friends, and pay a fairly significant amount of money per year for a server, just to be told last minute that I can't play a map because I don't pay enough essentially. I understand there's some hardware limitations clearly, but surely there's a way to load it up and if there's any stutters etc. its on the renters head.

    clearly the only way to solve this is to "upgrade" to a better server, which i think is a bit cheap, or wait for an update, but how do you go about upgrading in the first place (XBOX rented server)

  • Q: how does one go about upgrading their current server?

    A: In your WebUI of your account you will see a down arrow. Click on it. It allows "> Change slots, runtime, or Location

    Q: Slot increase- why?

    A: Game requires additional resources. And as with any business regardless what the 'cog' is an increase or decrease in prices occur.

    Any additional questions regarding this please contact Nitrado Support direct. This thread is to provide updates/info only.

    Thank you

  • Hi Doagen,

    i have read your message and i have the same problem as OP. I had the server update like 4 hours ago and still cant start it. According to the link you posted, people need to update to a 16 slot server? Is this realy the only sollution? I am only playing with 2 friends. I know people are working hard on a solution but something like a RAM usage should have been known before release. Or is wildcard realy bad at exanging server specs ;) I am playing on console (ps5).