Is it a good idea to use an old android smartphone as a personal cloudserver?

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  • Rather than buying a raspberry pi, is it a good idea to use an old smartphone instead? I have an old Samsung Galaxy S3 collecting dust in my drawer. I would love to give it a new life by turning it into my personal cloud using nextcloud. A few benefits I could think off that I will get out of this is obviously saving money by not having to buy raspberry pi and also being a smartphone itself, it already has a screen. Slap some 128gb micro sd card in it then you get yourself a portable cloud server.

    So any thoughts?

  • Also as a recommendation: Never ever store anything meaningful on a SD card without backups. These cards will eventually break. Never had a card that was in heavy use last longer than a year.

    For persistent storage on a Raspberry PI, use either an external HDD/SSD or a good quality thumb drive/USB stick.

    And make a backup of the card once everything has been set up. Or set it up on a thumb drive/USB stick instead of a SD card. Though that's a tad harder. But to my knowledge there should be plenty of great tutorials.